Cathedral Church of St Mary, Tuam

The Cathedral Church of Saint Mary, Tuam is, in a word, magnificent. The first Cathedral on this site dates from the 12th century when Turlough O’Conor was High King of Ireland. This first Cathedral was destroyed by fire in 1184 and the site was abandoned for almost 100 years. In the 14th Century a 2nd Cathedral was built but only what is referred to as the Synod Hall was ever completed. The 12th century Chancel and sanctuary of the first Cathedral was incorporated into the 2nd Cathedral. With the coming of the railway to Tuam in 1860, and the enlargement of the army garrison, the local Anglican population increased to such an extent that the 14th Century Cathedral was no longer large enough to accommodate the congregation and this led to the building of a 3rd Cathedral on this site which was built between 1861 and 1878. This 3rd Cathedral was built on the site of the 1st Cathedral and incorporated the 12th Century Hiberno-Romanesque arch as the sanctuary while the 2nd Cathedral became the synod hall which was restored between 1985-1987 . Among its many artefacts is the significant High Cross of Tuam. ( A full and detailed history of St Marys Cathedral written by Jarleth Canney is available in the Cathedral.)

Service Times

12 noon Holy Communion