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 WINTER 2013

Youth Page

Bands, Bulls, Bowling & Bricks, in 4 words sums up youth happenings past and present, maybe the tweet on twitter or our entry on Facebook, but for those of us not privy to what’s going on. Let me explain…

 The Spudnicks completed a well received gig at this year’s harvest, a number of pieces and each one better than the last, ready and willing to travel now, so if you’d like them to come and play for a service or special event, or even how to join this merry band, contact Steve, Diocesan Youth Officer.

 The 10th Anniversary of Anois, was celebrated ‘in style’ with Jasper Rutherford the speaker, the Mark Ferguson Band leading worship, and fun, fun, fun, in bowling, paintballing, go karting and even a Rodeo Bull! Maybe the Diocesan clergy should try it at their next clerical!

 The Schools Service in Tuam at the end of November may not have rodeo bulls but it will have individually made and decorated bricks. These bricks have been made by the children from the schools and will be used to build walls representing the building work we understand is going on, as a result of our fundraising, at the girls’ school in Kenya. This is part of our on-going Mabweni Diocesan Project for Bishop’s Appeal in partnership with CMS. Building up and building momentum, and firing us up for the year ahead…

 Finally, speaking of the year ahead, for the Youth department, January will see our Torville & Dean impersonations as we take to the ice for our annual ice skating trip. Details of this will be out shortly.


‘Best Day ever’ enthused some of the GFS girls from Achonry & Kilmoremoy when summing up their fun-filled, action packed annual outing at the Mayo Roller Bowl and Leisure Centre. With that behind them, and uppermost in minds, the girls were impatient to return to GFS and October couldn’t come fast enough! Since returning, thoughts and ideas have turned towards ‘creating’ what they hope will be prize-winning entries, not just in the diocese but across Ireland, in the craft entries for the end of year competitions. Good luck girls! Crafts are the order of the day, and their Christmas Craft sessions are just around the corner, and although the craft teacher for this year, hasn’t let on what they’ll be doing, the girls are eagerly awaiting and are highly impatient and excited to find out what and get stuck in! Such is the enthusiasm for all things GFS that there is now a waiting list for new admissions in Kilmoremoy owing to leader/girls ratios. In Achonry, joining with the boys from BB’s for the service in Rathbarron on Remembrance and All Saints, was another highlight of our pre-Christmas year, Canon Kathy getting us to read, pray, take the collection and many other things besides! Who’d have thought Church could be so fun on a Sunday morning! Finally, last but by no means least, congratulations to Kilmoremoy leader Sinead on the birth of her baby girl Nicole and best wishes to Claire, with her upcoming arrival, possible GFS girls for the future!


Banners, bowling and boys, can only mean one thing, Boys Brigade are back! Badge work, games galore, circle time, exploring DNA & God has made us all unique, crafts, cooking and more make up the normal Friday evenings. This term also sees their Annual Service with the girls where they remembered any and all who were and are important to them, ribbons, bricks, an interactive & participative address, added to the day, Canon Kathy never ceases to surprise us!

 Competition was fierce at the Regional Bowling & Activity Morning, and the thrill of taking part, adds to the fun but you can’t beat taking the prizes, but you can’t win them all. There’s always next year! Leadership training takes place this session, refreshing and building on the old for the old hand leaders and plenty to learn for the new ones! Losing Carl and Hazel has left us short-handed on some nights and we could do with another leader or two, so if you think you might like to give it a go, have been a leader of another organisation or a Sunday School teacher who would still like to give something, then speak to Nigel or Canon Kathy for more info. One final thing, it’s never too late for new boys to start, they are always welcome, again speak to Nigel or Canon Kathy

 Children’s Ministry Group

‘If music be the food of love, play on’ could be the cry of children and youth leaders after a brilliant input from Nick Harding at this year’s Building Blocks Children’s Ministry Course. Using and utilising music as an effective way of communicating, reaching out and teaching our children in the faith was the subject. For those who missed it, a similar but smaller scale workshop is being organised in the northern end of the Diocese late February to early March. Date, venue & content in the next issue of Tidings.

 If you wish more information on these or anything to do with young people then contact either Steve Brickenden (youth officer) or Canon Kathy




After a well earned summer break both GFS & BBs are raring to go for their next sessions.

GFS:There are 2 branches in the Dioceses, Kilmoremoy (held in St Michael’s School in Ballina, every Friday evening) and Achonry (held in the Coach House, Rathbarron, every Friday evening), where girls of all ages, from 5 years, right through to teenagers meet to do craft, play games, learn skills like fi rst aid, do badge work, anything from caring
for the environment to Bible study and much, much more. The focus before Christmas is on the craft competitions, done locally and then the winners are entered into a national competition. To find out more information or details of how to join contact:

Sinead Murray (Kilmoremoy) on 086 3194749


Betty Price (Achonry) on 071 9130773.

BB: We only have one company for the Diocese, 1st Achonry Company, which meets every Friday evening in Ballinacarrow for boys from 6 years. During these sessions,
the boys learn how to work and think as a team, as well as individuals, and points are awarded for team uniform and behaviour, as well as the games and various activities held
for the teams throughout the year, and trophies are given at the end of the year, for the overall winning team. Alongside these activities, craft, cookery, learning and honing skills,
badge work centring on the world we live in, caring for others, God’s world and much more, are the core of the weekly meetings. Joining in worship and fun days, with
other companies in the Northern Region, also is very much a part of the programme.

For more information on details of how to join contact Canon Kathy, on 071 9133948.













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