Holy Trinity Church is a sizeable community, wonderfully diverse in birthplace, life-experience, occupation, giftedness and opinion.   Its members live, and are involved in the life of their town and district, with great love, initiative and energy

Our Holy Trinity Church building is much loved by us as our special place of prayer, of the Word pronounced and heard, and of Holy Communion.

By 1855, the Church of Ireland community in Westport had grown too large for their old church, that built in 1797 in the Demesne of Westport House.  In 1869 a design by Thomas Newenham Dean was approved for a new Holy Trinity Church on a wooded site on the Newport Road in town, a site  donated by George John Browne, Lord Altamont, Third Marquess of Sligo.  It is thought to be the last church part-funded by the Church Commissioners before Disestablishment.

Holy Trinity Church is in German Gothic Revival style, with a semicircular apse at the east end.  The pencil spire is 185 feet high, surmounted by a 6-foot cross in gilt metal. The Church is built of Irish punched stone, believed local, with fine carvings in Portland stone attributed to Charles Harrison.

The new church was consecrated on 26th September 1872 by the Bishop of Tuam, Charles Brendan Broderick.  Its lavish interior, inspired by Italian basilicas, was complete by 1879.


Each Sunday 11.30am


Rev Val Rogers
The Rectory
Newport Road,
Telephone: 098 25127 / 087 1475597


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